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CLC installs CSF Leaders; Casimiro calls Boldness in Service

Posted January 25, 2017 • By Communication

Central Luzon Conference (CLC) officially presented the officers and directors of the Cavite Satellite Field Office (CSF) in Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) Seventh-day Adventist Church, Sabbath afternoon of January 21.

Though a week earlier than the approved date, members of Cavite churches, young and old, gathered early in the afternoon to witness the installation of new leaders in the pioneering work of the Satellite Office and to support the expansion of God’s work in their territory.

Despite challenges faced and cynical comments heard, CLC president Benjamin Casimiro confesses that he is happier now that God’s work is continuing, and summoned members and incoming leaders not to boast of being a ‘mission’ in status but to do the mission Christ called them to do. He admitted during his message, “The potential is big: Cavite being a Mission is possible. But it’s not all about me, or the CLC, or Cavite Satellite Field Office being a Mission. It’s all about God.”

A man of mission he is, Casimiro shared and expanded the calling of Jeremiah found in the first chapter of his book. Highlighting the prophet’s excuses and God’s assertion, the CLC president-elect ended his message by persuading each member to serve God and do greater things for His kingdom: “When He says go, we go… reject fear with assurance that God is with us. Now is the time for you to accomplish the mission. Be bold in the service of God!”

Upon its approval during the 9th constituency meeting, it is a mere fact that establishing another mission is challenging in terms of membership, finances, spirituality and leadership. Yet, relying only upon God’s grace, the CLC administration is positive in expanding its territory most especially if Total Member Involvement is exercised while carrying out the Great Commission. To reaffirm that united effort of the church leaders and members will bring good results, CLC executive secretary Eliezer Barrientos declared that the current administration envisions CSF to be a mission before this quinquennium ends.

Following the inspiration and challenge brought out by the CLC officers, vice-president appointed Ephraim Parulan then admitted during his response that he is scared and “don’t have the luxury of time.” Retiring quite a few years from now, Parulan stated his perplexities in starting a pioneering work. But as he thought about his worries and fears, he said that he is more scared declining the Lord’s call.

Parulan reasserted the Cavite members that CLC is supportive to CSF’s success at hand, admitting that whatever CSF might attain is an achievement of the Conference. Moreover he emphasized that Total Member Involvement, and not taking sides, is the key to take hold of this success. Love and understanding between church members, going and fulfilling the Great Commission, and being involved in the church ministry were the essence of Parulan’s message preceding a prayer of commitment by Casimiro for the new leaders and their families, the Literature Evangelists, teachers and ministers assigned in Cavite.

Surely, expansion proves that the Lord’s work is progressing. Let us pray for God’s guiding hand as He leads CSF to yield more souls for the Kingdom, bringing back the glory to Him and His name.

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