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Statement of Mission The mission of Central Luzon Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to call all people in its territory to become disciples of Jesus Christ, to proclaim the everlasting gospel embraced in the three angels' messages [Revelation 14:1-12], and to prepare them for Christ's soon return.


A people prepared for eternity.


History of the Central Luzon Conference

It was in 1905 when the Adventist work started in the Philippines. It was yet a virgin territory for the propagation of the gospel message. Providentially, Elder G. A. Irwin, president of the Australian Union Conference, passed by Manila on his way to the General Conference session, and found the Philippines to be a fertile ground for preaching the word of God.

Then came literature evangelist Robert A. Caldwell, the first Adventist missionary to the Philippines. He arrived in Manila and pioneered the literature ministry by selling books in Spanish language. Subsequently, Elder and Mrs. J. L. McElhany, both American missionaries who were sent by the Australian Union Conference to start evangelistic campaigns in Manila, started the Adventist work in 1906. On that same year, the Central Luzon Mission Conference was organized to facilitate the gospel work among the Filipinos.

In 1908, Elder Lewis V. Finster and his wife replaced the McElhanys on the account of Mrs. McElhany’s health. Eventually, Finster took the leadership of the conference as its superintendent. On March 11, 1911, the first Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church was established in Sta. Ana, Manila with 22 members, as a result of elder Finster’s series of evangelistic meetings.

Church membership in Central Luzon dramatically increased due to the openness of the Filipinos to the Adventist message. Furthermore, the Central Luzon Mission Conference retained its conference status until about 1930 when it was divided into two missions – Central Luzon Mission (CLM) and South-Central Luzon Mission (SCLM). Elder R. R. Fighur became the first president of CLM concurrent with his position as president of Philippine Union Mission. In 1931, CLM was reorganized.

For a period of time, CLM was led by a number of spiritual and zealous leaders in fulfilling the mission of the church. The following were the succession of CLM presidents from 1935-1989: Flaviano Dalisay, 1935-1938; Jose Emralino, 1939-1940; Florentino Jabola, 1941-45; Gil de Guzman, 1946-1951; Jose Bautista, 1952-55; Florentino Martin, 1956-62; Potenciano Romulo, 1963-65; Benjamin Martin, 1966-73; Juanito Tulio, 1974-75; Avelino Canlas, 1976-81; Daniel Villoso, 1981-87; Alberto Regoso Jr., 1987-1988; and Dan Mora, 1988-1990.

In 1989, CLM was upgraded into a Conference status, as approved by the former Far Eastern Division (now Southern Asia-Pacific Division/SSD) during its 1989 year-end meeting in Singapore, making the first conference in the North Philippines, the second nationwide and the tenth in the Far East.

On May 1-4, 1990 the first constituency session of the Central Luzon Conference (CLC) was held at the Word of Hope Chapel, Paramount Christian Center, West Avenue, Quezon City. The church constituency was able to elect directly its own conference officers from president to the departmental directors and associates. In addition, as acted upon by the constituents, the CLC territory was divided into ten areas for better and efficient supervision of God’s work.

At present, the Conference involves 11 Areas representing 388 churches and 97 organized companies, geared up for Unity, Maturity and Development. To God be the Glory!

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