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The Communication Department seeks to present the church to the public as sharing, loving and caring community of faithful believers utilizing various media such as the internet, radio, television, videos, illustrated advertisements, public relations and printed media communications. It serves as a souce of information that will keep the church informed of what's happening within the CLC territory and from beyond.



Communicating the gospel message to the community within the church and in the surrounding areas is the responsibility of every church member. The church Communication Ministries goes beyond the pulpit and pew to wider written and spoken, and electronically transmitted communications.


  1. Report church activities to the secular press, radio, television and the Internet in the areas of news and public service.
  2. Write letters and articles about church concerns and activities in printed media.
  3. Discover feature possibilities in the church and making them available to the both denominational and secular mass media.
  4. Take/arrange for photo coverage of church activities.
  5. Serve as a source of information about the church for communication media and members themselves.
  6. Check the church’s appearance for problem spots needing attention of the church board and lead out in church beautification and cleanliness drives.
  7. Lead in planning, preparation, and operation of exhibits at fairs or other gatherings or in parades.
  8. Produce a church newsletter that will keep the church family informed of news, people and activities inside and outside the church.
  9. Work with the church evangelism and health outreach to promote attendance at the functions.
  10. Post church news on church bulletin board or other location for congregational information.
  11. Produce weekly church bulletin to publish church worship programs and other important information for the church members.
  12. Serve as a member of the church board.
  13. Build rapport with the community, mass media and the world community to propagate the gospel message.

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