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18 Young People Accept Jesus in Life Camp

Posted May 11, 2018 • By Youth Ministries as related to Communication Department

The Central Luzon Conference (CLC) Youth Ministries Department called the recently concluded weeklong Life Camp in Dinulangan, Aurora a success after it has drawn 18 precious souls at the foot of the cross. Themed “Pass It On,” the event happened from April 15 to 22 with 230 Seventh-day Adventists and their non-Adventist friends in attendance....

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CLC Care Groups Convene for the First Prayer Festival

Posted April 10, 2018 • By Communication Department

Nine hundred thirty-five Care Group leaders and church members rally to join the first Central Luzon Conference (CLC)-wide Care Group Prayer Festival on April 6-8, 2018 at Adventist University of the Philippines....

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CLC holds Special Constituency Meeting

Posted March 26, 2018 • By Communication Department

Twelve out of the 16 articles of the amended by-laws of Central Luzon Conference (CLC) were ratified during the CLC Special Constituency Meeting held on March 25, 2018 at Pasay Adventist Church, Pasay City, Manila....

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CLC Empowers Lay Evangelists for Philippines for Christ 2018

Posted February 19, 2018 • By SS/PM as related to Communication Department

The Spirit of Prophecy counsels us that “The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work, and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers…” (Gospel Workers, p. 352)....

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K12 Students Undergo OJT Training in CLC

Posted March 12, 2018 • By Quiana Alviar

On March 6, Tuesday, 25 of the graduating students of Baesa Adventist Academy (BAA) headed to Central Luzon Conference (CLC) headquarters to complete their five-day work immersion or on-the-job training, in partial requirement for their commencement this April 2018....

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VOY Training Inspires Youth to Love Evangelism

Posted February 5, 2018 • By Adventist Youth as related to Communication Department

A mass of 460 young people gathered and participated in the Central Luzon Conference Voice of Youth Training and Seminar themed “I Love Youth Evangelism” which happened in Wilma’s Garden Resort, Floridablanca, Pampanga on February 2 to 4, 2018....

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Convention Trains Local Church Communication Leaders to “Radiate”

Posted February 5, 2018 • By Communication Department

The Central Luzon Conference Communication Department held its annual convention for local church communication leaders on February 2 to 4, 2018 in Mountain Provinces Mission, Baguio City....

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Publishing Ministries Convenes Spirit of Prophecy Congress: Faithfulness to His Word

Posted January 27, 2018 • By Communication Department

From the four corners of the Central Luzon Conference (CLC) Territory, bringing the good news of salvation through printed pages and publication, comes our Literature Evangelists who dedicated their lives to spread God’s love in every home, like never before!...

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CLC Commissions 34 for Church Planting Ministry

Posted February 12, 2018 • By Communication Department

After undergoing weeklong booth camp training, the Central Luzon Conference (CLC) Ministerial Association held a send-off ceremony for the 34 church planters in CLC Cucueco Hall on February 12, Monday....

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20 Local Church Communication Leaders, Level 3 Certified

Posted January 28, 2018 • By Communication Department

The Communication Department of Central Luzon Conference held its Level 3 Certification Seminar to 20 local church Communication Leaders at the Conference Room of the North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) on January 28, Sunday....

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Young People Geared Up “In His Service”

Posted January 7, 2018 • By Adventist Youth as related to Communication Department

There is an urgent call for the involvement of young people in evangelism. Once realized and achieved, active participation commences. So is the goal of the Central Luzon Conference Youth Advisory and Direction Setting on January 7 in Los Banos, Laguna....

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Praise Program Directs Members to Search and Share; New Book on Adventist Beliefs Introduced

Posted December 23, 2017 • By Communication Department

Before 2017 closes, the Central Luzon Conference (CLC) through its administration and league of spirited workers and directors held a praise program fellowship for church members in Metro Manila on December 23, 2017 at Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City....

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“The Chosen” Opened Doors Toward Finding Life Partners

Posted December 10, 2017 • By Adventist Youth Ministries as related to Communication Department

Discovering God’s will on choosing a life partner is the goal of the conference-wide Young Professionals’ Banquet themed “The Chosen” on December 10, 2017 at the Central Luzon Conference Cucueco Hall....

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AMiCUS Members Strengthen Witnessing during the ‘Amazing Race’

Posted December 14, 2017 • By Adventist Youth as related to Communication Department

To become God’s ambassadors wherever they are and whatever they do was the inspiring motivation of the 78 Adventist Ministry to Colleges and University Students (AMiCUS) members to finish the race during the Central Luzon Conference-wide AMiCUS ‘Amazing Race’ that happened on November 5 at the University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus....

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105 Young People 'Survive' Church-based Master Guide Camp

Posted December 13, 2017 • By Adventist Youth as related to Communication Department

Inspired. Reminded. Survived....

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